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User FAQ & Reference List

Nm911 Data Portal

Data Portal to upload GIS data to the NM911 Program (passcode required) CLICK HERE. GIS RESOURCES GIS Resources to assist NM GeoData Providers … NM911 Program News and Other Resources. READ MORE. New Mexico 911 Program The New Mexico 911 (NM911) Program was created by Section 63-9D-1 through 63-9D-20 NMSA 1978 (“Enhanced 911 Act”) to …(1)

911 DataPath | 911.gov

Jun 8, 2022A nationally uniform 911 data system can provide 911 and community leaders with essential information to assist with strategic planning, governance decisions, and operational improvements at all levels of the nation’s 911 systems. While 911 data is regularly collected, challenges exist in comparing non-standardized data across states. …(2)

National 911 Program | 911.gov

911.gov is the home of the National 911 Program, which provides federal leadership and coordination in supporting and promoting optimal 911 services. … Nationwide data collection improves understanding of 911 systems. 911’s Role in Post-Crash Care. The right care and transport decisions improve outcomes for crash victims. Costs & Funding …(3)

NM911 Data Portal

NM911 Data Provider ID. Password. Submit send(4)

911 Profile Database

Welcome to the 911 Profile Database, an effort led by the National 911 Program in partnership with the National Association of State 911 Administrators (NASNA) to gather voluntary state and territory 911 data. The collection and use of this data help 911 systems plan for the future, benchmark against other states, measure progress on enhancing 911 and share important information with non-911(5)

911 Datamaster – Quality Data. Quality Response.®

After extensive research by our staff, Erie County Department of Public Safety purchased the Sentinel ALI/DBMS System from 911 Datamaster and CML Emergency Services.The Stand-Alone ALI/DBMS System has enabled our in-house GIS/Database staff to maintain our ALI Database within 99.8 percent accuracy. The technical support through 911 Datamaster …(6)

Data Validation and Aggregation Portal – 911 Committee

Data Validation and Aggregation Portal The State of Arizona has begun migrating from Enhanced 9-1-1 to NextGen 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) to improve the infrastructure and processes that support the 9-1-1 efforts. Accurate geospatial data will be essential to ensure calls are routed to the correct Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), which will require statewide data validation and integration to be …(7)

real-time 911 | City of Seattle Open Data portal

Open Data Program TechTalk Blog Public Records Requests. Other City Data Open Budget Open GIS Performance Seattle Capital Projects Explorer City Clerk Seattle News Find a Business City Demographics (Planning and Community Development) Sign In.(8)

911 Calls | City of Seattle Open Data portal

created Sep 20 2012. updated Jul 5 2022. Description. Provides Seattle Fire Department 911 dispatches. Updated every 10 minutes. Activity. Community Rating. Your Rating. Raters.(9)

Login – 911Cellular

Email: Password: Forgot password? Log in(10)

PSN Americas

Customer Portal → . Public Safety Network Americas. We are the preeminent service provider of 911 Data Analytics for Public Safety Answering Points. Our data analytics and visualizations set the standard for usefulness, reliability and ease of use. We employ sophisticated tools that are easy to use and provide a great value to PSAP managers …(11)

Data Services – 911 Datamaster

DataServices from 911 Datamaster includes a comprehensive set of protocols designed to make the transition to NG9-1-1 as simple as possible. DataServices provides the help and expertise 911 Datamaster has acquired in more than 25 years of service to the 9-1-1 community. Successful ALI database upgrade criteria. Key insights on preparing GIS data.(12)

Shelby County 911 Open Data

A Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) is a facility responsible for answering 911 calls for police, fire, or emergency medical service. A PSAP operates 24 hours, 7 days a week, by means of trained telecommunicators who dispatch emergency services or transfer 911 calls.(13)

RESOURCES – 911 Datamaster

911 Datamaster is a thought leader in NG9-1-1 technology. We provide industry standard resources as well as videos and forums of our products to help you understand NG9-1-1 data at every functional level. … it’s a mission. 911 Datamaster Videos and Forums. Log in to our COMMUNITY PORTAL to ask questions, access tool-tip tutorials, and watch …(14)

911 Calls | Open Data Portal

View this table, last updated March 16 2022(15)

911 RTA Portal

© 2019-2022 SirenGPS.All Rights Reserved | TermsTerms(16)

Login – RedFlash Group

The purpose of the 911 Profile Database is to provide the 911 community with a national 911 profile database for compiling information that can be used to measure and report on the progress of 911 authorities in enhancing their existing systems, and in implementing more advanced 911 systems based upon next generation networks and facilities …(17)

NextGen 911 Portal

NG911 Portal Login. User Name: Password: Log in. Don’t have a login? Register for an account here. Forgot password? Reset your password here. Have a question?(18)

ABOUT US – 911 Datamaster

Our m ission is to elevate 9-1-1 Data Quality and routing technology beyond NG9-1-1 standards.. 911 Datamaster was founded in 1993 in Overland Park, Kansas. We’ve spent over 25 years building best-in-class 9-1-1 data validation and routing software. Our experience has given us the opportunity to study 9-1-1 data validation and routing needs at a granular level that has helped us identify key …(19)

DataNexus – 911 Datamaster

DataNexus – 911 Datamaster. DataNexus is an advanced LVF/ECRF software solution that provides spatial routing capabilities, quality assurance metric reporting, and pre/post call analytics, as well as the ability to validate subscriber data to successfully route a 9-1-1 call based on location. Automatically correlates MSAG and GIS data.(20)

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