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Home – JustFund

Having a portal like JustFund rewrites us into history and makes it possible to know what Native peoples are dreaming, planning and organizing in the 21st Century. Less than 1% of philanthropy is going to Indian Country. Unless there are vehicles like JustFund, we don’t have a space to share the innovative and incredible work going on at the …

  • How It Works

    JustFund’s simple and seamless grantmaking solution is powered by our community of values-aligned funders. Built to center equity in grantmaking, and designed as a tool that brings the principles of trust-based philanthropy to life, we are resetting how grantmaking works for those seeking and distributing funding.

  • Pricing

    JustFund, a nonprofit organization, was developed in 2017 by funders and organizers of color, with a new approach to philanthropic grantmaking in mind: one that is values-aligned and that can fuel the movement for social and racial equity. Our services are as simple or complex as you need them to be, and our experts can be by your side for all …

  • News & Events

    Nonprofit Grantmaking Platform JustFund Announces Major Milestone of $100M Moved to Chronically Underfunded Communities JustFund announced a major milestone in its mission for equitable grantmaking. Read More. April 22, 2022 Protected: JustFund Product Changes. There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. …

  • Request A Demo

    JustFund is intentionally different from other grantmaking platforms; we offer a human-centered approach that centers equity, trust, and transparency in your grantmaking process. You’re ready to be a JustFunder if: You are committed to creating simplified, transparent, and equitable grant cycles

  • Sign Up

    JustFund works differently for organizations and funders, so first, let’s learn who you are: I am… A Grantseeker or… A Grantmaker A Grantseeker Grantmakers: Request a Demo At this time, JustFund is only approving organizations that are applying to a specific funding opportunity. Our team reviews all registrations to verify eligibility. If you qualify for…

  • Contact Us

    Contact the JustFund team to learn more. Subscribe to our newsletter for access to insights, ideas, and tips to inform your grantmaking strategy, as well as learn about upcoming open calls for proposals from different funding opportunities, direct from the JustFund community.(1)


How would you like to interact with the portal? Email Address* Email Address* Password* Password* SIGN IN. I forgot my password. info@justfund.us. Terms |(2)


Please check the URL (e.g. https://portal.justfund.us/name), or click the JustFund logo above to go to the home page.(3)

Help Center – JustFund

JustFund staff confirm that all registrations meet the necessary qualifications, including validating that the organization is a 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) organization, or a fiscally sponsored project. We encourage you to register for an account well in advance of any deadlines to ensure there is enough time for JustFund staff to review and validate …(4)

For Grantmakers – JustFund

JustFund allows grantmakers access to thousands of organizations and proposals on the portal. Every grantmaker can use JustFund’s robust discover tool to filter across different categories (i.e. focus areas, geographic regions, strategies) to find and fund values-aligned organizations working at the forefront of social justice movements.(5)


JustFund is Australia’s only specialist family law finance provider. Our mission is to empower people to access great lawyers by providing a fair, flexible and affordable way to manage legal fees. Certainty . Funding to pay your legal fees . Fairness . Simple and fair funding terms …(6)


We provide funding to pay the costs of conducting your family law matter. You repay only when your matter is finalised and only from the proceeds. Choose your preferred legal team and control your case. Level the playing field and achieve the best possible outcome. Flexibly manage payment until your case resolves.(7)

JustFund Portal – YouTube

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world(8)

JustFund: Transforming Philanthropy through Technology

The networks grant their members access to the portal allowing them to utilize JustFund to find and fund new groups across issue areas including civic engagement, climate justice, education, and immigration. Funders can also search across communities served from youth to immigrants to seniors; filter for the types of organizational strategies …(9)

Our Values – JustFund

JustFund was designed to reset philanthropy—and upend the power dynamics entrenched in the process—by creating more trust-based and equitable processes for grantmakers and grantseekers. … JustFund is not simply a portal for grant transactions, we are a team that believes funders can have a greater impact when connected with values-aligned …(10)

Terms of Use – JustFund

Apr 20, 2022JustFund makes no guarantee of the accuracy of the content of Proposals submitted for listing via the Portal. JustFund does not conduct background checks of the grantseekers which submit Proposals through the Portal and does not represent or warrant the exempt status of any such grantseeker. JustFund is not liable for any inaccuracies contained …(11)

Nonprofit Grantmaking Platform JustFund Announces $100M Moved to …

Oct 12, 2021JustFund’s portal aggregates proposals into a searchable database made available to individual donors, donor advisors, and foundation staff to “find and fund” new organizations.(12)

Nonprofit Grantmaking Platform JustFund Announces $100M

Oct 12, 2021JustFund’s portal aggregates proposals into a searchable database made available to individual donors, donor advisors, and foundation staff to “find and fund” new organizations. In addition to …(13)

Just Fund KY – justice for all

Since 2011, JFKY has granted $520,000 to 65 community organizations. In ten years, we have touched every county in the commonwealth raising awareness of the issues impacting LGBTQ people, and supporting projects that create a more just and joyful Kentucky.(14)

Rapid Response Movement Grant — Emergent Fund

Visit www.justfund.us to log in or register for an account. Please note that registrations require 48 business hours for approval. We encourage applicants to register as early as possible. For questions about how to submit your proposal, please refer to JustFund’s Help Center or contact info@justfund.us.(15)

JustFund – Idealist

JustFund is the nation’s first — and only — giving portal that offers one simple common application, saving organizations time and increasing their visibility to new funders. JustFund was built to take the friction out of grantmaking from start to finish, and leverage funding for under-resourced organizations working at the forefront of …(16)

For Current Grantees — NorthLight Foundation

NorthLight uses the JustFund portal for our grants management. JustFund is an innovative grants platform that connects funders and grassroots organizations. Any proposal you submit will be available not only to the NorthLight Foundation, but to hundreds of funders using JustFund, saving you time and increasing the visibility of your work to new funders and networks.(17)

Philanthropy: Let’s “Fail Forward” Together – Giving Compass

Jul 20, 2021The JustFund portal has thousands of organizations like these that are searchable across dozens of filters, and you will see the funding decisions of other funders: foundations, collaborative funds, pooled funds, and individual donors. You can also view an organization’s common proposal, reach out to other funders, or connect directly with …(18)

Arch Community Fund | How to Apply

HOW TO APPLY. Arch Community Fund is now accepting applications via the JustFund Portal, a new digital platform established by Solidaire Network and other funders to help connect social justice funders, foundations, and funds directly with grassroots organizations and urgent projects. Go to justfund.us and click Register as an Organization to …(19)

To Achieve Equity in Grantmaking Try These Tips, Tools, and Models

Sep 2, 2021JustFund is a nonprofit grantmaking solution to help funders move money to the frontlines. Through a common proposal model, organizations can apply to any funding opportunity on JustFund with one click, and individual donors and foundations can access the growing common portal with a “Find and Fund” membership. JustFund has helped move …(20)

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