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User FAQ & Reference List

SmartThings Developers

The SmartThings platform has the largest coverage of competitive IoT devices on the market, including Samsung devices and appliances. It’s easy to integrate existing products with our ecosystem, using developer features such as SmartThings Schema and open APIs. Access and control devices from the SmartThings app, available on all platforms and …

  • Support

    SmartThings Products. For consumer questions regarding our SmartThings Products, visit the SmartThings support channel. SmartThings Product Support

  • Workspace

    Integrate your devices to the SmartThings ecosystem in a way that works best for you. SmartThings supports devices connected through your own cloud or through the SmartThings hub. Learn more about integrating devices. Automations. Develop Automations in a language of your choice, hosted wherever you prefer. Register your Automation in Workspace …

  • Samsung Account

    After 2022-04-01, you will no longer be able to use Internet Explorer to access your Samsung account. To access Samsung account after 2022-04-01, use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.(1)

SmartThings | Samsung Developers

SmartThings is one of the largest open ecosystems of connected devices, including over a billion Galaxy devices and Samsung appliances, millions of customers, and an ever increasing number of partners. SmartThings provides a cohesive platform for IoT devices to interoperate and communicate, enabling smarter living solutions that enrich our world.(2)

SmartThings Developers @ Github

Each element in the growing SmartThings ecosystem enables you to build and integrate your IoT devices, services, and existing solutions on SmartThings Cloud. Languages Select your favorite programming language and learn more about the Samples and SDKs we have available for you to simplify your developer experience:(3)

SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things. Sign in with Samsung Account. or. If you use the SmartThings Classic app and have not yet updated to a Samsung Account, sign in below with your SmartThings credentials.(4)

Partners | SmartThings

SmartThings is a champion of integration and innovation. When you work with SmartThings, you’re working toward a future that is more integrated, innovative, and impactful. … Visit Our Developer Portal. Works as a SmartThings Hub. Your smart home needs a brain. Through our Works as a SmartThings Hub program, we equip you with a toolkit and …(5)

Leviton | SmartThings

1. If applicable, ensure your Leviton device is is within range of a hub enabled device or repeater and has sufficient power. 2. If applicable, check the device is still working in the Leviton app. 3. Remove and re-add the device using the SmartThings App. If your Leviton device or app is not responding as expected, contact us with the Contact …(6)

FAQ: Did we lose the ability to add custom … – SmartThings Community

Jun 20, 2021I noticed several users reporting the inability to add custom smartapps after updating their ST app (June 2021). Just wondering… I have not checked into it. Update: you need to enable developer mode in order to access custom smartapps To add Developer mode to the ST app… login into the developer site first at This link Then in the ST app go to Menu > settings Press down on the “About …(7)

Api Smartthings

Feb 7, 2022Search: Smartthings Api. A single rule can be used to represent complex rules More details on available options for display types can be found in the SmartThings API 23 for Android icamera2 smartthings, Nov 03, 2020 · Amazon’s Alexa is the most popular smart assistant out there, with more than 100,000 skills and Alexa integrations to help you control compatible smart home devices Hi, I have …(8)

Smartthings Api

Jun 7, 2022Search: Smartthings Api. Here is an abbreviated example of a music player that allows the user to start, pause, and control volume from the detail view Open your composer The API is the core of the platform The SmartThings 2018 (V3) hub has roughly the same footprint as the older model, but it’s a hair thinner and has a rounder shape -> Changelog Double Coupler-> Changelog.(9)

SmartThings Automation | Samsung Developers

In general, the SmartThings Automation is designed in the following order. Place the Device Profile node and determine the required capability. Enter the web-hook URL through the Automation node. After that, implement the logic that corresponds to the autorun rule. You can read the state of the device through the Status node.(10)

Creating Device Handlers in new developer … – SmartThings Community

The new developer portal still sends us to the Groovy IDE and the old portal for self-publishing the device handlers. The new portal offers functionality to publish official device handlers to the SmartThings app for approval by Samsung. This really makes sense, and I understand that this part of the portal is blocked for personal users as default.(11)

Calling All Developers | SmartThings

Upcoming schedule of events: • February 6-8- University of Michigan Makeathon. Ann Arbor, MI. • February 10- Developer Evangelist Summit 2015. San Francisco, CA. • February 11- SmartThings Developer Discussion (8-9 pm EST) Online, Everywhere. • February 12- SmartThings NYC Meetup (6-9 pm EST) New York, NY.(12)

SmartThings Developer Programs · GitHub

SampleDrivers Public. We are taking events that would have happened on the SmartThings Cloud and moving them to your SmartThings Hub. This repository contains sample SmartThings Edge Drivers to get you started. Rules are a versatile tool, enabling you to automate the Devices and services that connect to the SmartThings Platform.(13)

Which developer portal to use to create a new mode? : SmartThings

I understand that if I want to create a new mode in addition to the standard Home, Away, and Night modes, I need to do it through the ST developer portal . Developer. has a banner redirecting folks to Is the new site replacing the old? I don’t want or need to learn to all about developing ST tools.(14)

PDF SmartThings Classic Developer Documentation

SmartThings Classic Developer Documentation Release latest SmartThings April 10, 2019. What’s New I Latest Updates1 1 July 07 2017 3 2 June 08 2017 5 3 May 04 2017 7 4 April 20 2017 9 5 March 22 2017 11 6 March 08 2017 13 7 March 02 2017 15 8 February 10 2017 17 9 February 08 2017 19(15)

Touch Portal – Remote macro control deck for PC and Mac OS for …

You can get support from the third party developer on our Discord server in the channel #smartthings. Please take into account that developers come from all over the world so they may not live in the same timezone and therefor a response may be given on a later hour. … SmartThings devices and execute Scenes through Touch Portal -Supported …(16)

SmartThings Developer Documentation — SmartThings … – Read the Docs

The SmartThings platform makes it easy for software developers to build solutions for the connected home. Developers can do this in two primary ways: First, they can write SmartApps which is code that let users connect devices, actions, and external services to create automations. Then there is Device Type Handlers which parse raw messages from …(17)

SmartThings Developer | SmartThings

Tag: SmartThings Developer Better Parenting with SmartThings. October 2, 2014 / SmartThings / 6 Comments. Bryan purchased SmartThings to help automate his lights, save energy, and control the temperature in his home from anywhere. But over time, the greatest benefit of SmartThings has been one that he never expected: helping he and his busy …(18)

Smartthings Disable

Search: Disable Smartthings. DHCP, in short, is the protocol your router uses to automatically give each of your connected devices an IP SmartThings is the easy way to turn your home into a smart home Control, automate and monitor your home from anywhere using the SmartThings app The Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit contains: One Samsung SmartThings hub, two Samsung SmartThings(19)

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